Shopify Website builder e-commerce platform

What Gives Shopify Website Builder an Edge Over the Rest?

One of the mega-challenges and hot buttons in building an e-commerce website is the ability to incorporate enough and reliable payment gateways that will allow you to tap into various markets. Then there is always the question of security and access to foreign markets. This would be impossible without proven shipping companies and systems.

Shopify Website builder e-commerce platform could be said to be the guru of incorporating these two touchy factors and make them work to perfection and for your benefit.

Payment gateways

One of the best aspects of a website or an online store is the fact that it can be accessed globally. A key marketing factor and a hindrance to sales is engagement. Customer engagement could be as simple as providing product pricing in a currency that is localized to the market(s) you are targeting. It is also crucial to have varied payment gateways that are familiar to those targeted locations

Shopify provides over100 payment gateways that help you out with this problem. This includes market leaders such as:

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Shopify Payments

This is just a few among the available, secure payment gateways that Shopify can utilize.

Better still, for any business that would like to eliminate unwanted transaction fees as much as possible, Shopify offers a solution as it has its payment gateway known as Shopify Payments.

This gateway does not attract payment fees from transactions on your webstore when using Shopify, unlike all the other payment gateways that do. This provides you with an avenue to cut down or eliminate transaction fees affecting your bottom line positively.

Shipping made easy

Shipping can be complicated and frustrating when trying to deliver a pleasant shopping experience to your customers, especially international customers.

With Shopify website builder e-commerce platform, shipping becomes the least of your worries. Why? Simple, Shopify has partnered with the below global household courier brands:

  • FedEx
  • DHL express
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • Canada Post

These partnerships save the painstaking task of trying to find reliable couriers for your site. The Shopify website builder also allows you the benefit of adjusting shipping rates, based on weight, location, and order value in addition to drop shipping. It provides you with the convenience of printing your shipping labels for delivery and returns.


Shopify has thought of it all, but more importantly, payment gateways and shipping have been seamlessly integrated, giving you the best chance of offering a high level of customer service to your market(s).

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